Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Caldo de Cana

On our way home today, it was really hot, even though we are approaching winter here. 87 degrees. Are we going to miss the weather here come next winter in Idaho? You bet we are!!! Anyway, we passed the old VW Van that sells Caldo de Cana by the side of the road. He has a machine in his van that he feeds the sugar cane through and juices it Then he adds limao (lime) or abacaxi (pineapple) to it and it is icy cold. Delicious and perfect for a hot day.

A Special Family

Jocilene and Diego were some of the very first families we visited when we first arrived in Tatui. They hadn't been coming for quite some time. When we went to their home, only Diego was home. We invited Diego to come back to Church and he said he would but that his mother wouldn't come. Well, she did! And she and Diego have been coming every week since. Pictured with Jo and Diego is Jo's boyfriend Cosmo, a wonderful, gracious man.

Last Itapetininga District Meeting

Today, May 1, was our last District Meeting in Tatui. Our District is called Itapetininga and includes Tatui, Itapetininga, Cerquilho and Boituva. Since transfers are next week, everyone brought something to eat. The Sisters are Sister Barrus, Sister Gerber, Sister Correa, Sister Campos and Sister Giminez. Elders: Elder Barrus, Elder Amorim, Elder Freiria, Elder Egbert and Elder Swanson. These Elders and Sisters have been such a huge blessing to us.

Fernando and Janaina

We had a wonderful FHE with this family who will be baptized by Elder Barrus May 6. I watched the Sisters make pastells, they are really yummy! Edsen, Debora and Roberto all joined us for FHE.

Pedro Miguel

This family lives in a very humble home behind other homes. There are two rooms, the living-kitchen-sleeping room and a bathroom. The three older children, Nicoly, Felipe and Nicholas had been coming to Church until their step father returned home from prison and he will not allow them to go. We pray that his heart will be softened. They just had this sweet, beautiful baby boy, Pedro Miguel.


For our last P-Day in Tatui we took Sister Gerber, Sister Correa and Angelica out for almoco and had churrasco.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Golden Family

Fernando and his two oldest children have been attending our English class for the past 3 months. We invited them to the Taco Party we had and they thoroughly enjoyed their time there. Elder Barrus asked if they would be interested in knowing more about the Church. Fernando said they would so Sister Gerber and Sister Correa have been teaching them. They are planning on being baptized May 6, the day we leave. Fernando, Jananina and their two oldest children will be baptized. The two youngest are not old enough yet. Wow, this has been an amazing journey!