Monday, January 15, 2018

We Will Always Cherish this Great Prophet

New Year's Day

New Year's Eve the three of us stood out on the balcony and watched fireworks going off all over the valley. The Brazilians really like to celebrate holidays and they really go all out on New Year's Eve with the fireworks. New Year's Day we had a dinner of ham and scalloped potatoes. Later that afternoon we left for Sao Paulo to put Kelsey on the plane to return to the States. It was really hard for me to say goodbye to my daughter. Just four more months and I'll be able to hug all my kids and mug on the grandkids!

Thank you Kelsey and Pella 2nd Ward!

These two families were the happy and grateful recipients of the clothes that our Pella 2nd Ward sent down with Kelsey. Kelsey also brought a few dresses with her for the children. It was like Christmas for them. All the ties went like hotcakes! Felipe, the next to youngest boy in the top photo, found a shirt and tie that would fit him but no pants. So Elder Barrus gave Dalva some money and she took Felipe shopping for new pants to go with his new shirt and tie. He was so excited, that was the very first time in his life he had gone shopping and bought any kind of new clothes. Dalva bought him some new shoes to top it all off! Felipe and his siblings live in houses behind Dalva.

A Day in Embu

The Saturday before Kelsey left, we went to Embu. It is an artist's town next to Sao Paulo. There are hundreds of store fronts and booths. Everything they sell must be made in Brazil. Top photo is the sign welcoming you to Embu das Artes. Kelsey, Al and I had fun shopping at the different stores and booths and visiting with people. We met an American family from Arizona who live in Sao Paulo right now. The Minden Family. He works for a US company there and they have six beautiful children. Photo 3: We ate at an outdoor restaurant while we were there, delicious! On the way home we stopped at the "Corn Palace". We had a drink made from corn, corn ice cream and a bread that was a lot like the scallop corn I make for my family. Al and I liked the corn drink but Kelsey wasn't wild about it but the corn ice cream was really good. Photo 4: Just outside the Corn Palace was a beautiful little garden with a pond. In the pond were several turtles. When the turtles saw us standing there, they were right there staring at us, we threw them some bread crumbs and they were right on it! They must expect that kind of treat. As we left we snapped a picture of Kelsey with the Corn King himself.

Praca de Santa at Christmas

Kelsey enjoyed the sites around the Praca by our apartment. They really went all out decorating it for Christmas. It's real name is Praca Martinho Gueddes but everyone calls it Praca de Santa. Probably because there is a statue of a saint in the middle of the praca!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Tropic of Capricorn

The Tropic of Capricorn runs right between Tatui and Itapetininga. Kelsey and I decided we needed to memorialize it!

The Feira

Every Thursday morning there is a Feira just up the street from our apartment. We go every other Thursday and stock up on eggs, fruits and vegetable. Limes are about $1.25 for 2.2 pounds. Abacaxi (pineapple) is a little over three dollars for 3 pineapples. We go through a lot of fruit! Kelsey picked out the tomatoes.