Sunday, April 22, 2018


This beautiful mother and daughter we met at the Cerquilho Branch. This little girl's eyes and face were so gorgeous I had to take a picture of her and her sweet, lovely mother.

Presidente Vagner and Ivone

Presidente Vagner and Ivone were the very first ones to welcome us to Tatui. He was the President of the Branch for several months after we arrived. I think that was the third time he had been Branch President. A sweet, kind, loving couple.

Teaching Roberto How to Tie a Tie!

Roberto is so dear to us. He joined the Church a couple of years ago and is now the second counselor in the Branch Presidency. He is always, always the first one to help at whatever needs to be done. He worked in a men's clothing shop for several years but never learned to tie a tie. So Elder Barrus brought one of his ties to give to Roberto and spent some time with him practicing. By jove, I think he's got it!

One of my Sister's Many Talents

I just wanted to add this in because my sister Glenda was so talented. She painted, sewed, canned, decorated and in the last several years she made many, many beautiful quilts. This is one of them. She hand embroidered all these quotes on this quilt. She was a patient, ambitious woman. Love you, Sis.

Year 'Round Farming in Brasil

Elder Barrus and I are alway amazed at how many trees are continuously in bloom here, stunnin! Coffee beans and sugar cane are abundantly grown here. There is no 'growing season' because they plant and harvest year around. They don't have to irrigate and weeds are very few here. They just have to plant, let them grown and harvest!

Saying Good-bye to Rosa

This beautiful lady has been in our blog before, she is very special to us. Elder Barrus knew her when he served in his first area in Brasil in Bauru 51 years ago. We've made a number of trips to see her but this day is our last time to visit with her in person. We will certainly keep in touch. Photo 1: Every time we come, we tell Rosa, 'we will take you out to lunch'. But every time she has a feast already prepared. Photo 2: Rosa and he daughter Silvia. Photo 3: Silvia's husband makes these knives that take hours and hours of workmanship. He made this one for Elder Barrus, something he will always treasure. Photo 4: Rosa painted a Christmas scene on this linen tea towel to gift to me. I had her sign her name on it. She said to hang it on the stove and wipe my hands on it! No way! It will be a beautiful wall hanging at Christmas. Photo 5: Rosa, a great artist, painted this scene of a senior couple walking down a path in the Brasil countryside. When she told us she was painting this and going to put Elder Barrus and I in it, I told her to make me skinny. And she did! What a forever treasure. Photos 6 and 7: Saying good-bye to Rosa, God be with you until we meet again.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Last Good-by to Sister de Paula

Sister de Paula who is a trainer now, did splits with our Sisters in Tatui. Sister Gerber stayed in Sorocaba and Sister de Paula and Sister Correa rode home with us from the Zone Meeting. Early Friday morning we left to spend a day in Bauru but stopped by the Sisters' apartment to give Sister de Paula a hug good-bye. Hopefully, we will be seeing her again. She speaks wonderful English and we are hoping she makes a trip to the States.