Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Two Days in Sao Paulo

     Gloria and Antonio, members of the Tatui Branch, invited us to go to Sao Paulo.  It was a whirlwind of activities that we thoroughly enjoyed.   We arrived in Sao Paulo the night of Wednesday, October 11.  We stayed with their daughter Jo and her husband Ricardo in their beautiful home.  They were the ultimate hosts.  Top Picture:  Jo took us on a tour of Sao Paulo Thursday morning.  She wanted to show us the Governor's Mansion but it was closed so we took a picture outside the gates.  Beautiful building.
     We went to a park that was huge and very lush and beautiful.  Most everyone in Brazil has a dog or more, parked at the side of the street in the park was a van that was a mobile pet wash and groomer.  That is service!
     After arriving at Jo and Ricardo's we went to the Sao Paulo Temple and went through an endowment session.  The Sao Paulo Temple is elegant, elegant.  The wood is a luxurious dark cherry color. There is a wonderful story that goes with the type of wood that was used.  There are beautiful stained glass murals as you come in. 
     Picture 4:  Antonio, Jo, Gloria, Kathy and Al.  We are standing in front of the Theatro Municipal.  It is a beautiful, elegant theatre.  It reminded me of the Pantages in Los Angeles.  We saw ballet that was called the Ballet of the Blind.  All the dancers were either blind, deaf or handicapped in some way.  It was heartwarming and inspiring to see how they had overcome their challenges so beautifully in their ballet performances.
     Pictures 5 and 6:  We went to the Mercado, a huge, huge market.  Booths are set up by individuals selling fruits, vegetables, gifts, cheeses, anything you can think of.  Upstairs were restaurants where we had lunch.  They are famous for their 'Dagwood' sandwiches. 
     Pictures 7, 8 and 9:  Jo and I at another park.  Orchids just grow wild in Brazil, eye candy.
     Pictures 10 and 11:  At the Mercado we bought some fruit. The fruit guy was quite the salesman, he kept slicing off these different fruits to try.  After a while you felt obligated to buy something.  The fruits above are Pitaya Amarela (Dragon Fruit), Dekopon, Granadilla and Kiwi Gold.  The Dragon Fruit is delicious, sweet and smooth.  Fruit in Brazil is very inexpensive so we didn't ask how much the Dragon Fruit was, we should have!  When we went to pay for it all, the Dragon Fruit was about $12 American dollara apiece! Good thing it was so good!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tatui Branch Relief Society Presidency

     What a blessing to work with these fabulous sisters.  Sister Barrus serving as 2nd Counselor, President Gloria, 1st Counselor Gil with her precious baby Mayra and Angelica is the secretary. 

Family Home Evening

     October 2 we had a get together for Family Home Evening at the home of Cintia and Sandro Silva.  Cintia has the stripe sweater on.  We have been scheduling Family Home Evenings with several families and it always turns out to be a fun party! Back row: Gil and Mayra, Debora, Angelica, Dalva, Cintia, Sandro, Marissa, Al and Kathy.  In Front, Edsen, Presidente Edvivaldo, Breno and Melissa.

Fonte da Juventude

     A few blocks from our apartment in the middle of a park is the Fountain of Youth!  Who knew we would find it in Tatui, Brazil!  We'll try it just before we leave.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Uma Dia de Maravilhoso!

     Saturday, September 23, 2017, we had the most wonderful day a the Campinas Temple.  A large group from the Tatui Branch accompanied Robson and Sheila and their two children and Roberto to receive their own endowments and Robson and Sheila's children to be sealed to them for time and all eternity.  Roberto has been a member for a year.  When we first came to Tatui last November we visited Robson and Sheila who had been inactive for quite some time.  Paulo and Elder Barrus visited with them and invited them to come come back to Church.  They jumped in with both feet!  Robson is the Branch Mission Leader and Sheila serves as a counselor in the Young Women's Presidency  And now they are a forever family!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Family Home Evening

     We had Family Home Evening with our new convert, Angelica, Monday night at the home of Darcy and Aparecido.  In front, Darcy and Angelica.  Back, Aparecido (Darcy's husband), Antonio and Gloria and me.  Aparecido and Antonio serenaded us with several beautiful songs.

Monday, September 18, 2017


     We went to Itapetininga Sunday evening for a Fireside the Mission Presidency presented.  Presidente Ribeiro and Presidente Santos (1st Counselor) and Presidente Preito (2nd Counselor) all spoke.  After the meeting Presidente Santos said that Presidente Preito wanted to speak to me, he said that Presidente Preito spoke English.  So we went with Presidente Santos and he introduced us.  Presidente Preito spoke perfect English.  We asked him where he learned to speak English, he said he lived in the United States for awhile.  He said after his father passed away, his mother moved to Orem, Utah and married a gentleman named Anderson.  I said, 'Your mother's name isn't Vitoria, is it?' YES!  Vitoria worked with Al and I to teach us Portuguese before we left for Brazil.  While we were at the MTC we were able to spend some time with her.  She is such an awsome lady.  Vitoria translates for the MTC.  What a small world!