Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday Jacob!

Today is Jacob's birthday! They are even having a holiday in Tatui today to help celebrate his birthday! Grandpa and Grandma love you Jacob.


Today begins 3 days of celebration. It is celebrating the Patron Saint of Tatui. That is the statue of her in our praca. They have been working very hard the last few weeks to really fix up this praca that is just across the street from our apartment. You can see our apartment just behind the statue. The official name of the praca is Praca Martinho Gueddes but everyone calls it Praca de Santa. In Al's pictures you can see the steps are painted like a piano keyboard. Tatui is the music capital of Brasil. They have a wonderful Music Conservatory here that students from all over the world come to to study. Just about every weekend at the praca that is a block away from us there is a band or orchestra performance.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Conference for the Sister Missionaries

December 1st, Sister Ribeiro, our Mission President's wife, hosted a special conference for all the Sister Missionaries in the Sao Paulo North Mission. I was a guest speaker, they all kindly said they could understand my Portuguese. Photo 2 is all the Sister Missionaries. Photo 3, besides a wonderful meal, later in the afternoon they had a 'tea'. Photos 4 and 5 are our own beautiful Sister Missionaries here in Tatui, Sister Gamarano and Sister Kapp.

Sealing Mail with Glue

Here they do not have envelopes with stickum on them. We had some Christmas Cards to mail and the post office worker sealed them all with this bottle of glue.

Star Wars!

I found this bug out on the balcony of our apartment. I thought it looked like some kind of character from Star Wars. It was pretty big. I took a clothespin and hooked one of its antennae and sent it over the side. He does know how to fly!

Our Brasil Thanksgiving

We were going to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day but we received a call Wednesday night that we needed to be in Sorocaba all day Thursday. So we decided to do it Friday, but then we found out Thursday night we needed to take the Sister Missionaries to Sao Paulo on Friday. Saturday there were meetings in Itapetininga. Finally, on Sunday, we were able to cook our big chicken. They don't have turkey here until just before Christmas and we understand they are very expensive. We couldn't find canned pumpkin so we bought a squash at the fiera and steamed that and they don't have evaporated milk so I used cream. It actually did taste just like a pumpkin pie. It's a blessing to learn what you can do without and learn to be resourceful.

Feliz Anniversario, Angelica!

This is our dear, sweet Angelica. She celebrated her 30th Birthday at Seminary Class on November 21. Angelica was just baptized in September and she is a very important part of our Tatui Branch. She serves as secretary in the Relief Society Presidency.