Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We love this family!

     Elder Barrus and I go home teaching/visiting teaching to this family.  You have seen Haury and Ronie and their little brother and sister before.  Grace is their mother and her husband, Michael.  Grace and Michael are not members of the Church but we are hoping one day they will be.  I call Grace 'my party girl'.  She is so much fun, there is never a dull moment when she is around. Elder Langford and Elder Campos are working with her and Michael.  Grace has the elders over for lunch every month.

Onze de Agosto

     The eleventh of August celebrated the birth of Tatui.  It is 191 years old.  They had a big celebration by the Praca Matriz, food booths, balloons, a 5 hour parade ( we only stayed for about an hour) and a concert.  We are so fortunate we live in the Music Capital of Brazil here in Tatui.  Almost every week there is some kind of concert at the Praca.  The musicians and singers at this festival were amazing!  We could have listened to their beautiful voices all day.


     On Sunday mornings, right across the street from our Church, there is a huge fiera that goes for several blocks.  But, of course, we can't go to that one.  So we go to one that is every Thursday just a few blocks straight up the hill from our apartment.  It is smaller but perfect for us.  All kinds of fruits, vegetables and farm fresh eggs.  Even when we don't think we need much to begin with, we end up loaded down with all the beautiful, fresh produce.

Investigators Joao and Erika

     Shortly after we arrived in Tatui Sister Barrus put together an English Class.  She prepares the lesson each week and Elder Barrus teaches it.  She also prepares a sobremesa (dessert) which the students love.
     A couple weeks ago Elder Barrus was in the Supermercado with Paulo, the other counselor in the Branch Presidency, when a young lady approached and said, "Elder Barrus, I am Erika from English class."  She had attended for awhile and had to quit because of her work schedule.
     She said she was interested in our church and had been studying about it in on the internet.  She wanted to know when our meetings started.  Elder Barrus, Elder Langford and Elder Campos have been teaching her and her fiance, Joao.  Joao graduated in philosophy.  They both attended Church on Sunday and really enjoyed it. When they are baptized they will be real assets to our Branch.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Faces and Places of Tatui

Top photo:  This is a little store we popped into as we were walking back to our apartment.  These bins were full of all kinds of flours, spices, nuts and herbs.  We purchased a jar of dolce de leite and had a delightful visit with the young lady who waited on us.  She had lived in Santa Barbara, California for a year and spoke English very well.  As we were getting ready to leave she said, wait, I want to give you a gift.  She gave us another jar of dolce de leite with pineapple.  I am constantly amazed at how kind and generous the Brazilian people are.
Photo #2:  Motorcycles are the common mode of transportation here.  They are a daring group of people, on a one way, narrow cobblestone street, you will have a moto pass you on both sides at once!  It is very fortunate that it is the law here you have to wear a helmet, you never, ever see anyone without a helmet when they are on their moto.
Photos 3 and 4:  Every morning Al and I walk over to this beautiful park to walk and exercise.  They have a wonderful array of exercise machines and beautiful walkways with huge, manga trees.  We've never seen a tree here lose their leaves in the nine months we've been here.  They just bloom and bloom!
Bottom Photo:  Early in the morning, all over Tatui, you will see workers sweeping the streets by hand with brooms that are made with a bamboo handle and palm fronds to sweep with.  

Almoco with the Elders

     We fixed Hawiian Haystacks for almoco with Elder Langford and Elder Campos.  First time for Elder Campos!