Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Family Home Evening

     We had Family Home Evening with our new convert, Angelica, Monday night at the home of Darcy and Aparecido.  In front, Darcy and Angelica.  Back, Aparecido (Darcy's husband), Antonio and Gloria and me.  Aparecido and Antonio serenaded us with several beautiful songs.

Monday, September 18, 2017


     We went to Itapetininga Sunday evening for a Fireside the Mission Presidency presented.  Presidente Ribeiro and Presidente Santos (1st Counselor) and Presidente Preito (2nd Counselor) all spoke.  After the meeting Presidente Santos said that Presidente Preito wanted to speak to me, he said that Presidente Preito spoke English.  So we went with Presidente Santos and he introduced us.  Presidente Preito spoke perfect English.  We asked him where he learned to speak English, he said he lived in the United States for awhile.  He said after his father passed away, his mother moved to Orem, Utah and married a gentleman named Anderson.  I said, 'Your mother's name isn't Vitoria, is it?' YES!  Vitoria worked with Al and I to teach us Portuguese before we left for Brazil.  While we were at the MTC we were able to spend some time with her.  She is such an awsome lady.  Vitoria translates for the MTC.  What a small world!

Carlos' Baptism

          Carlos was excited to be baptized Sunday after Sacrament Meeting.  He was baptized by his grandfather, Joao.  Pictured left to right in back, Joao (grandfather), Carlos, his Dad, Antonio, grandmother Fatima, Aunt Rita and Rita's baby Larissa.  In front, kneeling, Carlos' mother, Stacy and his sister, Isabella. Fatima is my visiting teaching companion and Al and I home/visit teach Antonio and Stacy.

Mocas e Rapazes Actividade

     The Young Women and Young Men had a combined activity on Saturday, September 16.  They had a great time!

Almoco with the Elders

     Our new Elder is Elder Lima from Fortaleza, Brazil.  Al found taco shells at our grocery store that is just a block from our apartment so we fixed tacos for Elder Lima and Elder Langford.  It was wonderful!  The Brazilians don't use the taco shells for tacos, but we did!

Professoras Visitante

     These are my beautiful Visiting Teachers, Gloria and Dalva.  They are the heart of our Branch.  I love it that I am the second tallest sister in the whole Branch!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Honoring their Priesthood

     In the middle is Savio, he was just baptized three weeks ago.  Haury, 15, and Ryan, 14,  asked Elder Barrus if he would take them to Savio's home on Monday so they could teach him about the Priesthood.  Al said they did such a wonderful job, taught him the responsibilities of the Deacon, Teacher and Priest.  Savio and Haury will be Priests by the end of September.  They read through with him For the Strength of Youth book.  The future of the Church is in good hands with such outstanding young men.


     Maria is a member of the Church but doesn't attend.  She is such a sweet lady.  She owns a small store and bar.  Her daughter and her family are very active in the Church in Sao Paulo and Maria is so proud of them.  She told Elder Barrus that her grandson was being married in the temple soon and she was so excited to share that news. Elder Barrus stops by to see her often and she is always so very gracious.

The Trio!

     Elder Barrus and I were invited over to Gloria and Antonio's for almoco last Friday.  Unfortunately I couldn't go, still recovering from some medical stuff.  But Al went and enjoyed a wonderful churrasco.  Pictured are Aparaceido, Antonio and their sister, Bella.  They all sing and harmonize beautifully together.

Ate Mais, Elder Campos!

     Elder Campos has been assigned to Sao Paulo.  We will miss this great young man, we both had tears when we said goodbye.   But, we still have Elder Langford, for which we are very grateful!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September Birthdays!

     Our beautiful daughters Amanda and Kylie and handsome son-in-law Michael all have birthdays in September.  Para Bens!!!!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Angelica's Baptism

     Angelica began attending our English Class a few weeks ago.  Her mother had joined the church years before but when she married her husband he didn't want her to attend any longer.  Angelica wanted to know more about the church. Elder Langford and Elder Campos taught her and Elder Barrus sat in on some of the discussions. She decided she wanted to be baptized.  She asked Elder Barrus to baptize her, it was a special blessing for Elder Barrus.  I wrote out my testimony and translated it into Portuguese on the computer.  I knew it probably wasn't correct.  Angelica teaches Portuguese so she went through it and corrected it.  I so appreciate her and her wonderful, sweet spirit.

Brazil's Spiderman

     Elder Barrus was in town when Spiderman stopped him to talk to him.  He said he had some relatives who were Mormons.  So Elder Barrus gave him a card and invited him to come to church.  Every ward or branch needs a Spiderman!

Addy's Very First Day of School

     My granddaughter Addy started Kindergarten this year!  She is our little princess.


     We had the opportunity to speak with Amanda as they were watching the eclipse in Sugar City, Idaho.  Amanda gave us a link and we were able to follow it live on the computer.  Pretty exciting! It was on August 21, 2017.

Policia Federale Building

     We had to go the Policia Federale Building to get our official identification for Brazil.  I am in a wheelchair because I took a nosedive off one of the exercise machines that we work out on at the praca of the Mango Trees.  Caught my foot getting off, lots of bruises and tore a muscle.  Poor Elder Peterson had to wheel me around since I couldn't walk.  I'm doing much better now, I'm able to walk for short periods of time.  What a blessing that nothing was broken.  Elder Peterson is from Utah and a wonderful, kind young man.

Mission Home in Sao Paulo

     On Thursday, 24th of August, we had to drive into Sao Paulo to get our federale card.  We met the other elders at the mission home.  It sits on top of a hill.

Savio Baptism

     Elder Langford and Elder Campos taught this young man, Savio.  With Savio is his sweet mother who is very supportive.  We were so happy to welcome Savio into the Tatui Branch.  Elder Langford baptized him.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We love this family!

     Elder Barrus and I go home teaching/visiting teaching to this family.  You have seen Haury and Ronie and their little brother and sister before.  Grace is their mother and her husband, Michael.  Grace and Michael are not members of the Church but we are hoping one day they will be.  I call Grace 'my party girl'.  She is so much fun, there is never a dull moment when she is around. Elder Langford and Elder Campos are working with her and Michael.  Grace has the elders over for lunch every month.

Onze de Agosto

     The eleventh of August celebrated the birth of Tatui.  It is 191 years old.  They had a big celebration by the Praca Matriz, food booths, balloons, a 5 hour parade ( we only stayed for about an hour) and a concert.  We are so fortunate we live in the Music Capital of Brazil here in Tatui.  Almost every week there is some kind of concert at the Praca.  The musicians and singers at this festival were amazing!  We could have listened to their beautiful voices all day.


     On Sunday mornings, right across the street from our Church, there is a huge fiera that goes for several blocks.  But, of course, we can't go to that one.  So we go to one that is every Thursday just a few blocks straight up the hill from our apartment.  It is smaller but perfect for us.  All kinds of fruits, vegetables and farm fresh eggs.  Even when we don't think we need much to begin with, we end up loaded down with all the beautiful, fresh produce.

Investigators Joao and Erika

     Shortly after we arrived in Tatui Sister Barrus put together an English Class.  She prepares the lesson each week and Elder Barrus teaches it.  She also prepares a sobremesa (dessert) which the students love.
     A couple weeks ago Elder Barrus was in the Supermercado with Paulo, the other counselor in the Branch Presidency, when a young lady approached and said, "Elder Barrus, I am Erika from English class."  She had attended for awhile and had to quit because of her work schedule.
     She said she was interested in our church and had been studying about it in on the internet.  She wanted to know when our meetings started.  Elder Barrus, Elder Langford and Elder Campos have been teaching her and her fiance, Joao.  Joao graduated in philosophy.  They both attended Church on Sunday and really enjoyed it. When they are baptized they will be real assets to our Branch.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Faces and Places of Tatui

Top photo:  This is a little store we popped into as we were walking back to our apartment.  These bins were full of all kinds of flours, spices, nuts and herbs.  We purchased a jar of dolce de leite and had a delightful visit with the young lady who waited on us.  She had lived in Santa Barbara, California for a year and spoke English very well.  As we were getting ready to leave she said, wait, I want to give you a gift.  She gave us another jar of dolce de leite with pineapple.  I am constantly amazed at how kind and generous the Brazilian people are.
Photo #2:  Motorcycles are the common mode of transportation here.  They are a daring group of people, on a one way, narrow cobblestone street, you will have a moto pass you on both sides at once!  It is very fortunate that it is the law here you have to wear a helmet, you never, ever see anyone without a helmet when they are on their moto.
Photos 3 and 4:  Every morning Al and I walk over to this beautiful park to walk and exercise.  They have a wonderful array of exercise machines and beautiful walkways with huge, manga trees.  We've never seen a tree here lose their leaves in the nine months we've been here.  They just bloom and bloom!
Bottom Photo:  Early in the morning, all over Tatui, you will see workers sweeping the streets by hand with brooms that are made with a bamboo handle and palm fronds to sweep with.  

Almoco with the Elders

     We fixed Hawiian Haystacks for almoco with Elder Langford and Elder Campos.  First time for Elder Campos!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Patsy Barrus Hayes

     We received word that our dear sister Patsy passed away Saturday morning, July 29, 2017 at the age of 85.  We've never known a kinder, sweeter person who will be missed by all.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her children and their families. Her siblings, Brent, Bev, Carolyn, Marilyn, Alfred and LeAnn were always told that the reason the folks had seven children was because they kept trying to get another Patsy!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street

     It's not every day you see a hostein steer saddled, bridled and a means of transportation!  This cowboy must be a very good trainer.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy Birthday, my little Mulan!

     Today is Addy's 5th Birthday!  Our only little granddaughter and she will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  Her Mommy and Daddy are Kylie and Michael.  Have a fun and happy day, Addy.  Her Aunt Kelsey is taking her out for a special birthday treat!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bem Vindo, Elder Langford!

     Elder Langford is joining Elder Campos in serving with us in Tatui.  Elder Langford is from Colorado.  We are excited to be working with these great missionaries.  Elder Langford entered the Mission the same time we did.  We were in the same district for awhile and have chatted with him at Zone Meetings, so it is such a blessing to now serve with him.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Birthday to You, Nathan!

     Our handsome grandson, Nathan Taylor, is 11 years old today.  Grandpa and I wish you a very happy birthday and a day full of fun and surprises!  We are so proud of you.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Tatui Branch Presidency

     Left to right: Paulo, 1st Counselor; Presidente Edivaldo; Elder Barrus, 2nd Counselor and District President, Presidente Everton.

Ate Mais, Elder Sagae!

     Today is the last time we have the blessing of being with Elder Sagae.  He leaves this afternoon for Sao Paulo to fly home Monday night.  Although we are sad to see him go, I know his parents are excited to have him home.  I told Elder Sagae since I was a Grandma, I could give him a hug good-bye!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Perfect Sign

     We found the perfect sign to install in our neighborhood in Burley.   This is dedicated to you, Brother Bruce Beck!


     Just wanted to stick in some pictures of some of my favorite people, my grandkids!  Addy, Jacob and Eli.


     This is Daniel and Simone Bertolaccuri and their wonderful family.  Daniel owns a store where we get our paper for our computer and where we have our English booklets printed.  He has been so kind to us, often he won't let us pay for the things we get.  His family belongs to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  It has been a blessing to make friends with people of other faiths.

P-Day in Campinas

Last Monday, July 17, we spent the day in Campinas with our dear friends, Mark and Ivelisse Grover.  They will be completing their mission in August and returning home to Utah.  We will certainly miss them!  We went to the huge marketplace which in the center of Campinas.  Booth after booth of fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, cheeses.  This booth had every kind of bean you could think of!

Original Mayflower Moving Van

     We had to move the Elders from their old apartment to a new one.  There were two old applicances that needed to be relocated to another place.  The closest and quickest moving vehicle we could find was this wonderful horse and cart!