Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dancing to the Music in the Tatui Branch

     Saturday night, June 24, Gilmara put together a fun evening for the Branch.  They had a video like the Wii.  All ages had a great time following the dance moves.

Winter in Brazil

     This time of year is equal to what it would be the end of December in the States.  As you can see we are suffering through this winter!!!

Another Festa at the Praca Matriz

     This past weekend, June 24, there was another festa at the Praca.  We're not sure what this one was for but it was a lot of fun.  Elder Barrus and I shared a stuffed potato from one of the booths.  It's a big amount of mashed potato with all kinds of things in it.  It was really good.  In the picture below some of the students from the Music Conservatory put on a concert.  The conductor's little boy is standing beside him waving his music wand along with his dad, precious!

Sitio do Carrocao

     On P-Day 2 weeks ago, Elder Campos, Elder Sagae and Elder Barrus went on a field trip to this very chic camp for youth.  It is just outside Tatui.  Youth from all over Brazil come here,  it is more like a resort, although it is called the covered wagon in the country.  The father of our new member family, Henrique, works here.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Eli Craig Taylor

     This handsome young man is our grandson Eli, Amanda and Derik's son.  He will be eight years old on the 26th of June and is excited about his upcoming baptism.  We are so proud of you, Eli!

Festa at Praca Matriz and Our 46th Wedding Anniversary

     June 10 was a special day for us.  There was a festa at the Praca Matriz that celebrated 'doce', sweets  Each school in the area has a booth that sold either candy or 'salgados' (hamburgers, etc).
     The purpose is for the schools to raise money.
     Pictured above is Sister Barrus with Natalia, who is a school teacher and her school had a booth that sold brigadeiros (a favorite Brazilian candy). Sitting next to Natalia is her finacee Sergio.  They are such a fun and wonderful couple.
     Saturday night the different schools performed a dance on the stage at the praca.  Pictured is Natalia's class right after they performed a dance around the maypole.  They were dressed in beautiful matching long skirts  In the back you can see Natalia.
     That day happened to be our 46th Wedding Anniversary, we thought it was quite nice they had a festa on our anniversary!


     President Farnes has asked Elder Barrus and I to help with the Cerquilho Branch.  Cerquilho is only about 22 kilometers from Tatui.  We met Saturday morning with President Marceau, on the left (Branch President) and President Everton, on the right, (District President).  His darling little boy is standing in front of him.  The door behind them leads upstairs to the Cerquilho Church.  It is above a pharmacy store.  It is very nice and well cared for.  Our goal is to visit all the members of the Cequilho Branch and take their family pictures as we have done in Tatui.  There are 185 members on their branch list but only between 30 to 40 come to Church each Sunday.  Many of them have probably moved and left no forwarding addresses as we found the case to be in Tatui.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Sunrise in Tatui

     The beginning of a beautiful day in Tatui.  The saying is true, "Red skies in the morning, sailors take warning!"  Later that day it poured, sheets and sheets of rain.  It is supposed to be winter here now, but during the day we still have windows and the door to the balcony open because it is still so warm.  We can handle this kind of winter!

All American Almoco

     Whenever the Elders come over for lunch, we try to make an American dinner.  This day we had fried chicken, corn bread, mashed potatoes, green beans and apple pie ala mode  There were some new things that Elder Campos has not tried before, he's a good sport.

Sao Paulo Norte!

     Our whole mission at Christmas.

Our Mission President

     We had the blessing of President Farnes and Sister Farnes visiting our Branch Sunday.  They gave beautiful testimonies in Sacrament and President Farnes spoke at Ana's baptism.  Their children also were with them, twin daughters and their son.  The end of this month the Farnes family will be returning home.  They have been such a blessing and wonderful example to all the missionaries, we have saudade for them.

Ana's Baptism

     Sunday, June 4, was a special day for the Tatui Branch.  We welcomed Ana as a new member into our branch.  Top, left to right: Elder Barrus, Elder Campos, Ana and her little boy Yago, Elder Sagae, Moroni and the little guy trying to get Moroni's attention is Gustavo, Robino and Sheila's little boy.
     Bottom:  Elder Campos, Elder Sagae and Ana just before her baptism.