Sunday, June 11, 2017


     President Farnes has asked Elder Barrus and I to help with the Cerquilho Branch.  Cerquilho is only about 22 kilometers from Tatui.  We met Saturday morning with President Marceau, on the left (Branch President) and President Everton, on the right, (District President).  His darling little boy is standing in front of him.  The door behind them leads upstairs to the Cerquilho Church.  It is above a pharmacy store.  It is very nice and well cared for.  Our goal is to visit all the members of the Cequilho Branch and take their family pictures as we have done in Tatui.  There are 185 members on their branch list but only between 30 to 40 come to Church each Sunday.  Many of them have probably moved and left no forwarding addresses as we found the case to be in Tatui.

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