Sunday, June 11, 2017

Festa at Praca Matriz and Our 46th Wedding Anniversary

     June 10 was a special day for us.  There was a festa at the Praca Matriz that celebrated 'doce', sweets  Each school in the area has a booth that sold either candy or 'salgados' (hamburgers, etc).
     The purpose is for the schools to raise money.
     Pictured above is Sister Barrus with Natalia, who is a school teacher and her school had a booth that sold brigadeiros (a favorite Brazilian candy). Sitting next to Natalia is her finacee Sergio.  They are such a fun and wonderful couple.
     Saturday night the different schools performed a dance on the stage at the praca.  Pictured is Natalia's class right after they performed a dance around the maypole.  They were dressed in beautiful matching long skirts  In the back you can see Natalia.
     That day happened to be our 46th Wedding Anniversary, we thought it was quite nice they had a festa on our anniversary!

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