Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Faces and Places of Tatui

Top photo:  This is a little store we popped into as we were walking back to our apartment.  These bins were full of all kinds of flours, spices, nuts and herbs.  We purchased a jar of dolce de leite and had a delightful visit with the young lady who waited on us.  She had lived in Santa Barbara, California for a year and spoke English very well.  As we were getting ready to leave she said, wait, I want to give you a gift.  She gave us another jar of dolce de leite with pineapple.  I am constantly amazed at how kind and generous the Brazilian people are.
Photo #2:  Motorcycles are the common mode of transportation here.  They are a daring group of people, on a one way, narrow cobblestone street, you will have a moto pass you on both sides at once!  It is very fortunate that it is the law here you have to wear a helmet, you never, ever see anyone without a helmet when they are on their moto.
Photos 3 and 4:  Every morning Al and I walk over to this beautiful park to walk and exercise.  They have a wonderful array of exercise machines and beautiful walkways with huge, manga trees.  We've never seen a tree here lose their leaves in the nine months we've been here.  They just bloom and bloom!
Bottom Photo:  Early in the morning, all over Tatui, you will see workers sweeping the streets by hand with brooms that are made with a bamboo handle and palm fronds to sweep with.  

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