Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mission Training Center, Provo, Utah.

MTC  was amazing!  We met so many incredible people.  This is our District. From the left, Amy Anderson, one of our trainers, she served a mission in South Africa;  Elder and Sister Banks, they will be serving as MLS Missionaries in their home stake of Cedar City, Utah; Elder and Sister King, he is a convert of two years and they will be serving in Fort Collins, Colorado; Elder and Sister Orlowski, he is a convert and they will be serving in Public Affairs, homebase of Frankfurt, Germany but will be travelling all over Europe; Elder and Sister Barrus, serving as MLS Missionaries in Brazil, Sao Paulo North Mission, our first assignment is in Tatui, about 2 hours west of Sao Paulo; Brother Ashton, another one of our wonderful trainers, he served in Russia. We fly out tomorrow, November 21 and arrive in Brazil Tuesday morning on the 22.  Our next post will be from Brazil!  Boa Noite!

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  1. Lim praying for your safe journey...I love you, your little brother, Tim.