Saturday, February 11, 2017


     The Young Women had a fund raiser for camp Friday night, February 10.  They showed the film Up.  Thyanna (pictured with Elder Barrus) is the Young Women's President.  She announced that they had a special guest for the film, Mr. Fredrickson (Elder Barrus!).  Everyone wanted to have their picture taken with him, good thing he is such a good sport.  I made brownies to serve and Thyanna, Debora and Dalva made hot dogs.  I helped them and learned a new way of dressing up hot dogs.  They squirt a mild hot sauce on the buns, and then put mayo and ketchup, thawed frozen corn and shoestring potato chips and then the dog.  It really was good!


  1. Love this picture! Dad, you were born to be a star!

  2. Awesome picture. It reminds me of play stretch with you. God Speed.
    Love, Bro Bowers