Friday, April 14, 2017


     Standing in the back are Igor, Elder Barrus and Elder Sagae. Kneeling in the front is Elder Araujo. Pictured with them is Igor's mother and his five younger siblings in their home in Quadra which is a small town about 15 minutes from Tatui. They live on a farm several miles down a rough dirt road outside Quadra.  Igor lives with his uncle in Tatui and wanted to be baptized into the church but needed his mother to sign a consent.  Elder Barrus took Elder Araujo,  Elder Sagae and Igor to his mother's home and visited with her on Sunday. She was very nice and even though she is active in a different church she gave permission for him to be baptized into the LDS church.  She told her son if he was going to be baptized he needed to be active and do his part.  Igor is the friend of one of the young men in our branch who will be a great support to him.  Igor will be baptized Saturday evening, April 15 at the Tatui Branch.

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