Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tender Mercy

     Last Tuesday, April 18, we had a Zone Meeting in Sorocaba.  Elder Gonzaga who is from Brazil told about this tender mercy in his life.  Elder Gonzaga played on a professional soccer team and was the captain of the team here in Brazil.  He played against a tough competitor team last fall.  On the day that he received his mission call, he also received a recruiting letter from the team he had played against.
     He had to decide whether to go on a mission or continue to play professional soccer on this new team.  Through prayer he decided to serve a mission.  In December the team he would have played for suffered a tragic accident. The plane they were in crashed, all lives of the team were lost.  I remember the shock and sorrow of the people here in Tatui at that time.  If Elder Gonzaga had decided to continue with his professional soccer career he would have been on that plane.


  1. I heard about the plane crash here too..and I thought it was very sad. We come from a soccer playing family (from England and my kids played too). I thought it was very tradgic..What a blessing he decided to serve a mission, he must have been traumatized too.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. Hope you are doing well. Sister Todd (Diane)