Monday, April 24, 2017

San Miguel National Park

     Elder Barrus went on an adventure with our Elders and the Elders serving in Itapetininga for P-Day today.  They went to the San Miguel National Forest which is just a few miles south of Itapetininga.  They walked 5 kilometers through the forest with a guide.  Al asked the guide why he was wearing such heavy shin guards around his legs.  He replied, "Snakes."  Okay.  Thankfully they didn't see any snakes but did see a toucan and heard a lot of spider monkeys and went down to a waterfall.  The trek was straight up and straight down and the Elders were wonderful in helping Elder Barrus when he needed it.  I'm proud of him for being willing to tackle something like this and doing it so well.  Right to left, Elder Brum, Elder Santos, Elder Araujo, Elder Fly, Elder Sagae, Elder Barrus and Elder Hartley.

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