Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rosa - 51 Years Later

     The weekend of May 20 we went on a nostalgic visit to Bauru.  Left to right, Mark Grover (serving with his wife Ivelisse as missionaries in the Campinas Temple), Rosa and Al.  Mark and Al served in the Brazil Mission at the same time and have known each other since the MTC days.  Bauru was the  very first place that Al served in, his second day in Brazil he was given a sign that said in big letters BAURU and was told to get off the bus when he saw that word. Several hours later he arrived in Bauru and this sweet little lady in the middle was one of the members he remembered.  Mark made arrangements for us to visit her and what a choice experience it was.  She made delicious dinners for us both Saturday and Sunday evenings and we attended Church with her on Sunday morning.  She called us after we arrived back to Tatui and said she is coming to visit us here in a couple of weeks! We are so looking forward to that visit.  She is a dynamic, talented little lady and has provided housing for missionaries for many, many years.

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