Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Show de Talento

     Friday evening, May 19, the Branch hosted a Talent Show.  Left to right in back, Thaynna (sang a parody of a popular Brazilian song), Aparecido and Antonio (they are brothers in their eighties and they sang and played the guitar and did it so beautifully, wonderful voices.  What was so funny was at the beginning Antonio started singing and playing and Aparecido kept flipping through the pages of words to the songs and looking at Antonio, finally he slapped Antonio on the arm and stopped him and said, "That isn't one of the songs we've been practicing!" Antonio looked at him, turned back to the audience and started singing the song again!  It was hilarious, I laughed until I had tears running down my face, they reminded me of  Brazilian Smothers Brothers, loved it!) Luciano, master of ceremonies, Edsen (sang, beautiful voice), Elder Sagae (played the piano, he plays like a concert pianist), Esther (plays the piano, her mother brings her three times a week to Tatui to take lessons at the Conservatory here, Tatui is the music capital of Brazil and students from all over the world come here to study their instruments.  They live in a town 1 1/2 hours from Tatui so you can see how dedicated they are.).  Middle row, Sister Barrus ( no talent, can't sing, dance or play an instrument but I can make cookies!  I made several dozen of different kinds of cookies for the refreshments so they decided that was my talent and insisted I be in the picture with them.), Gilmara sang with her son Ryan who played the guitar.  Ryan is kneeling in front of Gilmara.  Debora sang with Edsen who is standing behind her. (They sang and acted it out, it was darling.) Vinicius sang Nearer my God to Thee, ( Vinicius comes to our English class), Marjorie ( Esther's sister played the violin in a duet with Esther playing the piano.) Last but not least Divinia who sang and has a very pretty voice.  A fun

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