Sunday, May 28, 2017

Temple Trip

     We went to the Campinas Temple Saturday, May 27 with the Tatui Branch.  The youth performed baptisms.  Presidente Vagner and his wife, Ivone, are standing in the back. We saw Mark briefly to say hello, he was working in the baptistry.   After Elder Barrus and I did an endowment session we went to the cafeteria in the Temple for lunch.
     We visited with a young couple who were sitting across from us at the table.  They had boarded a bus at midnight the night before, travelled on that bus for 5 hours, did 3 endowment sessions when they arrived at the Temple and after lunch, they were getting back on the bus to travel the 5 hours back to their home in Marilia.  And, she was a few months pregnant.  That is dedication!

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