Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Dinner with Irma Dalva

What a wonderful Christmas Dinner Irma Dalva made for us.  She hosted quite a crew, Elder James and Elder Marinho, Al and I, her son Paulo and his wife Tyanna.  Also there was her other son, Carlos and daughter Rafaely.  We walked to her home from the Church, it was muito, muito quente (very, very hot!)  We were dripping by the time we arrived.  I was praying I would survive the walk back, but, another tender mercy.  Gilmara and her husband came by and picked us up to take us home. Muito obrigada!

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  1. Elder and Sister Barrus - I love your blog. My son is in the CTM right now and is headed for your mission. From your pictures it looks like there are some great missionaries in Missão Brazil São Paulo Norte!