Monday, December 12, 2016

It's not a diva, it's a sofa!

             Sunday afternoon Al and I decided we would learn a few common Portuguese words every day.  The first word that came up was the word for couch.  Al looked it up in our English-Portuguese Dictionary and it said 'diva'.  We thought that made sense since at one time they were referred to as divans. But what we didn't agree on was the pronunciation.  Al said it was 'dee-vah' and I told him the di in Portuguese is always pronounced as 'chee' so it is 'chee-vah'.  We decided we would let Elder Marinho settle the dispute when he and Elder James came over in the evening.  When Elder Marinho walked in I said, "Elder Marinho, como se diz (how do you say)" and pointed to the couch, 'dee-vah' or 'chee-vah'?  He looked at the couch and at Al and I and said, "Sofa!"  I guess we can't depend on our dictionary.

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