Thursday, December 8, 2016

No, son, she doesn't speak Portuguese!

     We have a wonderful sister in our Branch, Gilmara.  She has two sons and is expecting a little girl in March.  She took us to visit the family in our Branch who's Mom is being baptized in February, Simone and Luciano.  They have four beautiful children.  Saturday we are having a service project to help them build a new home.  Luciano broke his back when a car hit him and he received help purchasing the materials that were needed to build.  The first time Al went over there, he told Luciano that I would make cookies to bring to him.  Well, the problem is, we haven't been able to find shortening, chocolate chips, the kind of baking powder and soda that we use in the States or cream of tartar!  So my kids are sending me a baking care package but it will take a month to get here.  In the meantime, Luciano wanted to know when I would be baking cookies.  I tried making Snickerdoodles with what I could find here and they ended up in the garbage.
     On with the story, Gilmara said she was telling her family that Sister Barrus did not speak Portuguese.  Her younger son piped up and said, "Yes, she does! I heard her, she said Obrigada and Tudo Bem!"  I wish that was all it took to speak Portuguese.  I'm helping the sisters to make lunch Saturday for the brothers building Simone and Luciano's home.  I'll be doing a lot of listening!

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